Dawlish Town Council came into being in 1974 and operates from The Manor House, Old Town Street.  Its staff and 16 councillors are constantly striving to make the town a better place to live, visit and work.

The Town Clerk is the Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer for the Town Council, supported by seven permanent members of staff carrying out important roles within the Council.

On behalf of the community, the council seeks to influence other agencies in the use of their powers and resources. It also acts to improve co-ordination between agencies for the benefit of the Parish.

Unsure of which Council can help you? You can search the services area of the website to find a list of responsibilities and activities covered by the Town Council, and those covered by Devon County Council and Teignbridge District Council.

A picture of the Manor House
Annual Council Meeting
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Brownsbrook Allotments
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Our service areas

  • Mayoral enquiries and activities
  • Councillors
  • Meetings and committees
  • Internal IT
  • Personnel, Jobs and recruitment
  • Town Council Websites
  • Town Council Communications
  • Hire of Town Council venues
  • Community Grants and Awards
  • Allotments (Brownsbrook)
  • Play Areas
  • Floral Displays
  • Dawlish in Bloom
  • Dawlish Street Market
  • Town Council Events Programme
  • The War Memorial & Grounds
  • Flag Pole