Launch of revised 'Do you need help? 'leaflet

In January 2020 the Dawlish Town Council formed a Mental Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention Working Group.
During the first few months we actively promoted a ‘Do you need help?’ leaflet and poster which were distributed to 6,500 households and statutory agencies, voluntary organisations and businesses in the town.

The leaflet and poster were intended as a self-help tool, or if someone is concerned about someone else’s wellbeing, they can easily find out how to obtain help from professional and support organisations.

A list of risk factors were included such as alcohol and drug misuse, bullying , domestic abuse and gambling and telephone and websites where support/help can be found are identified.

The leaflet is not a substitute for professional help/support, but aims to create awareness of mental health and suicide prevention as something that can happen to anyone at any age.

It makes it clear that asking for help is the first step to staying safe and identifies the people who care and are ready to help in the different organisations listed.
The leaflet is part of Dawlish Town Council working towards making Dawlish a caring and safer town.
The ‘Do you need help?’ leaflet has been updated. The latest edition is now published and copies can be obtained from the Dawlish Town Council-Manor House and there are limited printed copies around the town.
A few examples of feed back from members of the public who show their appreciation are shown below:


Councillor Carole Tamlyn
Chair of the Mental Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention Working Group

Do you need help? leaflet and poster downloads

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