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The Lawn Working Group

The Lawn Working Group was established by the Town Council at its meeting in February 2018, with the aim of considering the desired vision of the Dawlish Lawn, and recommending whether a play park should be constructed and if so where, what size and purpose, how other projects would impact on the lawn such as bandstand renewal, cycle path routes, other facilities and bridges and establishing how each project might be funded. 

The group will report back to the Town Council with interim updates before presenting its final recommendations.

The results of the consultation exercise can be viewed here and here.

Members of the Working Group as follows:

Councillor Linda Petherick (Chairman)
Councillor Byron Woods (Vice Chairman)
Councillor Rosie Dawson
Councillor Alison Foden (ex-officio)
Councillor Mary Lowther
Councillor Val Mawhood (ex-officio)
Councillor Martin Wrigley
Mr Trevor Stratford – Dawlish Celebrates Carnival
Mr David Force and Mrs Vanessa Ryley  - Dawlish Chamber of Trade (acting as one)

Each Councillor and co-opted Member abide by the Council’s adopted Code of Conduct.

Download Documents (pdf)