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Dawlish Town Councillors

Dawlish Town Council came into being in 1974. There are three wards and sixteen Councillors who stand for re-election every four years. The Town has a Mayor and Deputy Mayor elected from the membership of the Town Council.

The wards are:

Dawlish is represented at District Council level by five Councillors. Dawlish is represented at Devon County Council by one elected Member. 

Dawlish Town Council Members Register of Interests

* Teignbridge District Council Members are indicated with an asterisk.

Central Ward

Alison FodenDeputy Mayor Alison Foden   (Central)

Liberal Democrat

Howard AlmondCouncillor Howard Almond   (Central)
3 Pinewood Close, Dawlish EX7 0AJ
Tel: 07970 793560


Angela FenneCouncillor Angela Fenne   (Central)

Tel: 07779 090704


Lin Goodman-BradburyCouncillor Lin Goodman-Bradbury   (Central)

Tel: 07980 958606

Liberal Democrat

Judith  RobinsCouncillor Judith Robins   (Central)

Tel: 07793 969691


Carole TamlynCouncillor Carole Tamlyn   (Central)
17 Weech Road, Dawlish EX7 9BN
Tel: 01626 866982

Independent - Born in the South West. During my working life I have been employed as a Police Woman, Probation Officer for 25 years, Social Worker, Community Worker with the elderly, Youth Leader, Child Care Officer with autistic children, and am now retired. I have a B.A. Degree in Social Work and have acquired skills in decision making, mediation, problem solving and organisational skills. I have dealt with people from all walks of life and will be confident in meeting the challenges I will face as your local Councillor. I do not represent a political party. I am independent and will use experience, professional skills and common sense in dealing with issues and challenges within the community. I am aware that the changes to improve life for residents in Dawlish cannot be made over night, but I am more than willing to listen and learn from local people. I care about where I live and I see so much potential in Dawlish.

North East Ward

Lisa MayneMayor Lisa Mayne*   (North East)

Tel: 01626 865680

Conservative - I am now retired but before my husbandís death we ran several businesses at Dawlish Warren over the last 30 plus years. My two daughters are now grown up and I feel I have plenty to give to the council.

Pauline BloomfieldCouncillor Pauline Bloomfield   (North East)
50 Cofton Hill, Cockwood EX6 8RB
Tel: 01626 890200

Conservative - I am a Devonian and have lived in Cockwood since 1969 where, with my husband Roger bringing up our two sons, Charles and Simon. Over the years I have been involved with various local associations. I am currently President of Cofton Womans Institute. I have been a Town Councillor for the past four years and have enjoyed trying to help update and promote Dawlish for the future.

Noel NicklessCouncillor Noel Nickless   (North East)

Tel: 01626 867636


Martin WrigleyCouncillor Martin Wrigley*   (North East)

Tel: 01626 891277

Liberal Democrat

South West Ward

Humphrey ClemensCouncillor Humphrey Clemens*   (South West)
46 Teignmouth Road, Teignmouth TQ14 8UT
Tel: 01626 774282


Gregory FenneCouncillor Gregory Fenne   (South West)

Tel: 07779 090706


Terry LowtherCouncillor Terry Lowther   (South West)
49 Brook Street, DAWLISH EX7 9AE
Tel: 01626 862011

Independent - During and after a management career in a multinational organisation, I was an active Magistrate for over 20 years and continue to be a Justice of the Peace. Having moved here in 2001, I am a Trustee of Dawlish Action for Youth and a Governor of the Dawlish Federation of Special Schools, which includes Ratcliffe and Oaklands Park. In 2011, I was elected to Dawlish Town Council following controversy over the proposed disposal of the Manor House.
While my position is generally slightly left of centre, I have no allegiance to any political party and will not take part in any caucus designed to promote joint decision-making. I believe such systems have no proper place in Town Council affairs where local community interests are of paramount importance and have worked to improve consultation with local people, individually and collectively. I aim to respond promptly and helpfully to the comments and requests of constituents without necessarily sharing their views.

Val MawhoodCouncillor Val Mawhood   (South West)

Tel: 07971 202521


Rosalind ProwseCouncillor Rosalind Prowse*   (South West)
4 Nash Gardens, Dawlish
Tel: 01626 866621

Conservative - I have lived in Dawlish since the late 1960s and have seen many changes. I have a daughter in her early 30's who was educated locally and went on to University. On returning to Devon she has faced all the challenges of work and home that our young people have, living locally. I have been in the tourism business and have worked with the elderly, besides looking after aged parents.
This is my fourth term as a councillor and have been Mayor of Dawlish and Chairman of Teignbridge. My interests are about looking after the interests of the residents of the area and getting the best possible future for all. I know we have many problems in all directions but with working together I believe we can overcome some of the issues. I support as many groups as possible and think we are very lucky to have so many people prepared to organise so much over such a wide field.

Gary TaylorCouncillor Gary Taylor   (South West)

Tel: 07712 527101

Liberal Democrat