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The famous black swans of Dawlish

Dawlish Waterfowl

There are records of Black Swans being on The Brook in the early Twentieth Century but between the two World Wars, they died out.  In the late 1940s, Captain GRS Pitman, a game warden in Uganda, presented a pair of Black Swans to the Town of Dawlish in memory of his parents.  His father, Charles Pitman, had been a County Councillor.  Black Swans have lived on The Brook ever since and have been the emblem of the town for more than 50 years.

Dawlish Water is also home to a large selection of waterfowl.  There are the following species of ducks:  Whistling Tree, Carolina, Bantam, Mandarin, Call, Bahama Pintail, Red Crested Pochard, and Shelduck.  We also have Chinese, Lesser White Fronted and African Geese.

The waterfowl thrive under the watchful eye of the wardens who are responsible for their day to day care.  Volunteers help out at weekends. Click on the link below to apply to join the volunteer waterfowl rota.

If you would like to help sponsor our waterfowl by adopting a Black Swan, goose or duck click on the sponsorship link below.

Becoming a Volunteer (pdf)

Waterfowl Sponsorship Form (pdf)

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