Loneliness in the Community


Dawlish Town Council Mental Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention Working Group are promoting the Outstanding With Loneliness ‘OWL’ Project’.

The aim is to look at reducing the stigma associated with loneliness and build a looking / listening community (OWL) empowering people to feel comfortable and become proactive around those who sometimes feel lonely and isolated.

Even though Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, many people will still feel lonely and isolated, especially anxious about the uncertainty of the future.   Research shows that one in five people in the UK say they experience the feeling of loneliness.


Loneliness can affect people of all ages, but older people are especially vulnerable to social isolation.  The Parish of Dawlish has 30% of its population over 65 years old and many live on their own.

  1. Have a chat over a cup of tea or help a lonely person with shopping, walking the dog, or encourage them to join a local interest of community group – this could be all it takes to make them feel better and more positive.
  2. Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while. It may make all the difference to how they are feeling.
  3. Spread a little kindness, show compassion to one another especially to someone who may be feeling lonely and isolated. Kindness has a positive impact on everyone and the best way of making yourself happy is to make other people feel happy too.
  4. Do you want to talk about your own loneliness? Maybe you are worried about a neighbour, friend or relative and not sure what to do?  We can help you. There are plenty of support and interest groups both locally and nationally who can help you.  For older people you may wish to contact for example the ‘Silverline’ on 0800 470 8090 (freephone).

For a list of local support groups, you may wish to visit the Dawlish Library on The Strand which has relevant details.  A list of local activities held at the Manor House and Riverside Centre is available for collection from Dawlish Town Council at the Manor House.


We aim to highlight and celebrate the great efforts of those in the community who are already or wish to support / help / befriend and reach out to people who are lonely.

Do you see loneliness in your community/ are you ready to act or are you currently doing so?  Do you want to make a difference to where you live?

Whether you are an individual, a voluntary organisation, a business, a charity, a school, or you can make a nomination – we are inviting you to join the Owl Project to address loneliness in the Parish of Dawlish.

Individual nominees will receive a certificate, and an OWL pin badge.  Charities and voluntary organisations will receive an OWL Plaque for outstanding citizenship.

All will become a vital player in building a safer, more caring community, and awards will be presented periodically at an award ceremony once applications have been assessed.

Application forms are available to download from www.dawlish.gov.uk or printed forms can be requested from the Town Council offices by telephoning 01626 863388.  Completed forms can be emailed to admin@dawlish.gov.uk or returned to the Manor House, Old Town Street, Dawlish, EX7 9AP.

For more information, please email mwspwg@dawlish.gov.uk

Application Form

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