The Mayor of Dawlish - Councillor Lisa Mayne

The Mayor is elected by the Full Council at the Annual Town Council meeting each May.  A Deputy Town Mayor is also elected.

Being the Mayor is different to being a Councillor.  A Mayor, by virtue of the Office, can stimulate community pride, encourage business, promote the voluntary sector etc and represent the Council at civic events.

The Mayor is the public face of the Council and with this in mind the Mayor needs to portray a genuine interest in those they meet, show enthusiasm and commitment to the role and always be mindful of the dignity of the office.

Councillor Mayne will choose her Mayoral Charities and undertake fundraising throughout her term of office for these causes.  These will be listed in more detail in the coming days.

Invite the Mayor to attend your event

The Mayor attends a range of events throughout their Mayoral term – if you would like to invite Councillor Mayne to an event please contact us.  You will be advised whether the Mayor is able to attend or not; if they have a prior engagement the Deputy Mayor will be asked to attend as the Council’s representative.

There is a civic aspect to the role of Town Mayor. She will be required to attend a wide spectrum of events organised by local organisations, as well as representing the parish of Dawlish at functions outside of the town.

Taking on the role of Mayor is a significant voluntary undertaking as he/she may be required to attend events on a daily basis or sometimes several events in one day.

Through the Town Mayor’s office, he or she organises various charity fundraising events and projects each year. For example charity meals, quiz nights, family fun days and bucket collections and more.

The Deputy Mayor for 2022/23 is Councillor Rosie Dawson.

DawsonnewCouncillor Dawson will attend events and chair meetings as required when the Town Mayor is unavailable.