Dawlish Town Council approved its budget and precept demand for 2023/24 at a meeting held on 25 January 2023.

The precept is the town council’s share of the monies collected by Teignbridge District Council, also known as the council tax.

The Town Council element of an average Band D property will now pay £96.42 per year, an increase of 1.85%, or £1.75 on last year.

The Town Council’s budget covers services such as the Waterfowl, Little Week Play Park, Sandy Lane Skate Park, the Grade II Listed Manor House, the Riverside Centre, in addition to public realm improvements and maintenance, quality events for the town, allotments, and newly acquired assets including the Brook Lights, fountain at Tuck’s Plot, Dawlish Warren decorative lighting, and the soon to open play park in the Manor Gardens.

Chair of the Finance & General Purposes Committee, Councillor John Petherick added “together with my Town Councillor colleagues we do recognise that these are extremely difficult times for residents. We have balanced this year’s budget with the need of our Council to plan for the future and also meet our residents’ expectations. This budget will ensure that we can meet the challenges in the coming year.”

Mayor of Dawlish, Councillor Lisa Mayne said “the budget for 2023/24 has been carefully prepared during a time when many are experiencing a cost-of-living crisis. Whilst the Council has been mindful of the current economic climate, it is not immune to rising costs, particularly with sizeable increases to its energy and insurance contracts. Dawlish is in a fortunate position to have set aside monies in previous years for major capital works, and with increased community infrastructure levy receipts, it has meant that whilst a small increase has been necessary, this amounts to just £1.75 per Band D property, per year. I am pleased that we have been able to offer another generous community grant scheme of £30,000 for the forthcoming year.”

For further information on the council’s budget for 2023/24, please contact Andrew McKenzie, Town Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer, by emailing townclerk@dawlish.gov.uk or by telephoning 01626 863388.